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Complete IT Services for Small to Medium size businesses

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Our Services

InfoTech offers IT support, cybersecurity, and cloud services for small and medium businesses in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Our data centers are secured with three-factor authentication and have 24×7 staff monitoring. They exceed both industry and healthcare standards.

Helpdesk Support

  • White Glove IT Support ensuring a seamless technical support operation
  • ISP Vendor Management allows us to deal with internet carriers so you don't have to worry about it
  • Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Administration & licensing management for streamlined productivity
  • Office printer management
  • On site and remote support wherever and whenever you need it
  • Equipment procurement for workstations ensure your are not left with outdated equipment
  • Quarterly / Semi Annual IT leadership meetings ensure we are aligned correctly to meet your business needs

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Business VOIP

  • Enjoy business phone services no matter your location
  • Fully customizable to meet your workflow needs
  • Scalable to meet the needs of small and large companies
  • Cloud hosted ensures no servers are on site
  • Unlimited internal extensions

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Cybersecurity Services

  • Proactive security monitoring for all of your assets
  • Managed SOC department monitoring 24/7 for real time threat analysis
  • Dark web monitoring for data leaks
  • On going cyber security awareness training for each employee
  • Advanced AV/EDR/MDR and SOC monitoring for all assets
  • Office 365 behavioral analysis monitors for suspicious behavior

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Backup & Recovery

  • Protect all computers and servers on site with 2 data copies for up to 1 year
  • SAAS backup to ensure all your Office 365 and Google Workspace data are protected
  • Protect azure cloud services

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Network Security

  • InfoTech provides state of the ark networking security to keep your data safe
  • Real time monitoring across all locations
  • Site to Site VPN available to encrypt your traffic to each location as well as remote access

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