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Welcome to InfoTech

InfoTech works with businesses of all types to help them grow in the modern business world. Our team specializes in creating technology solutions for the following industries:

Helth Care




Professional Services

Professional Services



Real Estate

Real Estate

Our partnership of network providers allows us to be your one stop shop for all of your technical needs. Contact our team today and get started with a free assessment.


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Our Services

InfoTech provides small and medium size companies cloud services to meet the demand of modern business, security and mobility. Protected by three factor authentication and 24×7 manned security, our data centers are compliant with industry and healthcare standards.

Helpdesk Support

When you need technical support we’re available through multi channels of communication. Our team of experts will help support your business to ensure technical requests are resolved quickly and efficiently. Down time is lost revenue and we respond quickly to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Business VOIP

Traditional phone systems don’t offer much flexibility. Businesses today need mobility and flexibility when it comes to communications. Our Business VOIP phone solution will ensure your communications are accessible from any location with internet access. The mobility of our system is great for users who need to make or receive phone calls whether they are in or out of the office. No need for hardware on site as we can host your Business VOIP phone system in the cloud. Our VOIP solution can cut your phones expenses down by as much as 80%.

Backup & Recovery

Your data is the upmost importance to the survival of your business. Don’t rely on retail products to keep your data safe. Our team of technicians will monitor your backup and recovery service every single day and ensure your data is being backed up and tested in the event of a disaster. We use a multi solution approach to ensure you data is backed up in more than one location to keep your business on the forefront of recovery in the event of a disaster.

Network Security

A modern threat protection approach to keeping your network safe starts with the right tools and services. Our team prevents network threats from accessing your environment vs the traditional approach which implements a fix once a breach has occurred. Keeping your network safe is our top priority and we keep millions of files safe every day for our customers.


Case-by-Case Approach

Every company has different needs, which is why we create package plans designed around your business specifically. Through flexibility, dedicated resources, and affordable services we will make the most effective plan for your company. Let InfoTech help guide your business down the path to success.

When we find out useful tips to help our clients out we want to share it. This newsletter will provide useful tech tips on everyday technology items for personal and business.

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Don't guess when it comes to your business security and technology needs. Our team of experts will ensure your technology is running smoothly. Please contact us for more information:
(615) 778-8804 or info@infotechtn.com

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